Coat of Plates

The following pictures are of a coat of plates that I made for my own use for SCA combat. It is very closely based on the Wisby #1, Type I coat of plates from the Wisby archeological finds. The two major differences are I used 5 plates to cover the chest area instead of 3, and I used two straps/buckes to close the back of the suit instead of one. Another significant deviation is that I chose to overlap my plates in a downward direction, so as to better deflect downward swung blows, such as those one is likely to encounter during SCA combat. The original armour's front plates overlapped upwards, perhaps better suited to the defense of a mounted knight, who would face threats coming up from below. Additionally, the plates on the original armour were made of iron or steel, not aluminum. The pauldrons, while stylistically appropriate for the armour, are not of the kind found with the original. The pauldrons in the images below were made by Red Falcon Armouries.

My coat of plates is made of leather, lined with canvas. The plates are 1/16" thick aluminum. The rivets are 3/16" copper round-head rivets.


These two images show the general layout of the coat of plates.

These images show the support mechanism for the back of the armour, and the velvet neck opening.

These two images show the loops that the two thongs, from the image above, pass through.

When the thongs are passed through the loops and tied together, they serve to support the weight of the plates on the back of the armour.


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