My Personal Hauberk
Updated: 2/20/01

This garment is my second project done with riveted maille. It is made using alternating rows of riveted and solid rings, which would be common for any maille garment made prior to 1400. When completed, this garment will be a hauberk consistent with styling found in the 13th century. It will be knee-length, have full sleeves with integral mufflers, and an integral coif.

The rings are made of low carbon steel. The solid rings are 3/8" ID, 1/2"OD, and 1/32" thick. The riveted rings are 3/8" ID and are of 18GA wire, flattened to approximately 1/32" thick.

The following series of pictures shows the progress of the hauberk from the beginning.


As of January, 2000

As of January, 2000

As of January, 2000

As of May, 2000

As of June, 2000

End of June, 2000

As of February 20, 2001

The hauberk currently weighs in at 12 pounds.

front_20FEB01.JPG (156235 bytes) back_20FEB01.JPG (162284 bytes) side_20FEB01.JPG (148465 bytes)

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