Turn Shoes

Here are pictures of some turn shoes I am working on.  I originally bought a pair of shoes from Sam Haywood.  When they wore out, I used his shoe as a pattern to make a new pair.  

These turn shoes are stitched together inside-out.  Then the leather is soaked with water, and they are turned right-side-to.  Hence the name "turn" shoes.  It is a bit tricky getting them to turn, especially the toe, but I got them!

shoe1.jpg (168053 bytes) shoe2.jpg (159801 bytes) shoe3.jpg (162586 bytes) shoe4.jpg (167831 bytes)

shoe5.jpg (159402 bytes) shoe6.jpg (174273 bytes) shoe7.jpg (160338 bytes) shoe8.jpg (165179 bytes)

shoe9.jpg (163689 bytes) shoe10.jpg (158463 bytes) shoe11.jpg (162091 bytes)

Click on the images for a larger view.

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