A Helm and Camail of possible Turkish/Ottoman origin

From the previous owner of this item:

"I "think" the helmet dates to the 18th Cent. ... possibly from some provincial Ottoman setting. Fagan called it a 16th Cent. Turkish helmet ... but I think that and a couple of bucks will get you a latte (sp?)."

It is interesting to note how heavy these rings are compared to most authentic riveted maille I have seen. It is also interesting that the rows run the "wrong" direction for what we are used to seeing for camails/aventails. Also the maille is constructed of alternating rows of riveted and solid rings, and the bottom two rows (seen in the close-up) are of solid brass rings.

turk1.jpg (116867 bytes) turk2.jpg (128428 bytes)

turk3.jpg (153884 bytes) 

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