Here is the progress on my new coat of plates.  This is a prototype, so I made the jupon out of two layers of cotton duck canvas.  The plates are made of 20GA (.03") thick mild steel.  Click on the pictures for larger versions.

Here is the completed prototype coat of plates based somewhat on the Wisby #1, Type I armour.  It is different in that I have given my coat of plates a solid breastplate as on future versions I intend to add anchor points for chains which historically would have anchored a knight's sword, helm, and dagger to his person so that they could not be dropped and lost.  My version also has more plates that wrap around my torso (as I have a large torso!).  I have also exaggerated the arm opening as my last coat of plates was too restrictive to arm movement.  I am afraid I have gone the other way with this prototype and made the openings too large. 

Click on the pictures for larger versions.

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